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    48 years ago

    Der Benno on the cover of Der Spiegel, the publication that broke the story of the Greet Hofmans affair. The first of many bigger and smaller public scandals Bernhard would be involved in. This is Benno in his familiar form: ankle deep in shit, yet dressed to kill. You (meaning I of course, hihi) cannot help but think of this line from American Psycho, you know “all it comes down to is this: I feel like shit but I look great”, or the line that Rakes song ” the world was mess but his hair was perfect”. The latter incidentally, was played in a loop as the soundtrack of one of the better Dior Homme runway shows of the mid 2000s. Back when Hedi Slimane ruled the world ehrm, #menswear


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    Viola Milano “Sea” silk tie are back online today!
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    Our intern is fun


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    TINIE TEMPAH wearing burberry tux to the 67th Annual British Academy Film Awards in London,  February 16 2014.

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